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Study Permit

Study Permit

Millions of applicants around the world are dreaming about being accepted into one of the Canadian colleges or universities and receiving study permit.

If your course is less than 6 months long, you’ll only need a visitor visa to come to Canada. But to be an international student in Canada for longer than six (6) months, a study visa is what you need to apply for. The study visa is what is issued by the government of Canada to allow foreign nationals to study at an approved designated learning institution (DLI).


Eligibility Criteria 

You can study in Canada if you:

  • Are accepted into an approved designated learning institution (DLI)

  • Prove you have enough money to pay for  Your tuition fees

    • Living expenses for yourself and any family members who come with you to Canada 

    • Return transportation for yourself and any family members who come with you to Canada

    • Obey the law, have no criminal record, and get a police certificate (if required)

  • Are in good health and get a medical exam (if required) and

  • Prove to an officer that you will leave Canada when your study permit expires

How to Apply?

Our skilled team can advise and assist you with your application requirements to give you your best chance of approval. 

Students planning to study in Canada are advised to start their admission and visa process 6-12 months prior depending upon thir level of study. 

For further information please contact us at or call 647-719-2723 to get your application started.

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Need Consultation?

If you would like to process your application , the best way to start is to have a consultation with one of our experienced consultants.


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